How to Prepare One Page Resume for Freshers and Experienced Professionals

How to Prepare One Page Resume for Freshers and Experienced Professionals

September 28, 2019 0 By infonetadmn360

About One Page Resume and Resume Making Tips

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One of the finest document you must have before applying for any jobs is your Resume. And most of us never pay key attention for making right resumes, so that you will end-up with wrong impression during your first and repeated job search attempts. This article will help you to find the One Page Resume samples for freshers, best resume examples, basis resume examples, simple resume format, simple resume templates, resume format for jobs, resume format for freshers, resume format for experienced job seekers and video tutorials to make your own one page resume in Word format.

How to make a perfect resume?

Perfect resume can be build by using Microsoft word application and you can get many ideas from various sources in the internet. However, today we are going to share some one of the example to show you how to make a resume template and how to use the same.

Some of the tips to create perfect one page resume:

  1. Make an Inventory
  2. Resume Summary
  3. Match your qualification relevant to the job you applying
  4. Always use the bulleted list
  5. Make simple and effective statements about your years of experience
  6. Shorten the education details
  7. Avoid the references if possible

One Page Resume, Is it new latest trends?

Yes, one page resumes are more effective and successful ways to grab the attention of the recruiters to ensure your most of the information covered in single window. These days, the modern resumes takes many different ways and presenting it in creative way is very important to win the game.

Creative One Page Resume Samples:

One Page Resumes are game changing in 20th Century for both freshers, experienced professional in the job search market. May hiring managers are now looking for your knowledge, experience and most importantly your creativity in presenting yourselves in the resume. Please use the keywords and highlight the words in your page to grab the attention.

Advantages of One Page Resume:

  1. Quick and Simple
  2. Brings the quick attention of recruiters
  3. Easy for hiring managers to understand you better in first look
  4. Provides professional impression even if you are a fresher or having less experience
  5. Reduces the load on recruiters for screening/selection process

Tips & Tricks for Making One Page Resume:

  • Don’t keep any excess spaces
  • Utilize the Complete Page
  • Make your content relevant to the job (Please keep multiple resume formats)
  • Avoid detail address information
  • Use LinkedIn to supplement your online references
  • Format the resume creatively
  • Tailor your resume always with current information (Keep always updated file with you)
  • Margins and Alignments are most important while sharing electronic resumes
  • Use Bullet Points
  • Keep professional summary



Please download the below sample one page resumes and update your details to have your own creative one page resume. “A resume is like the copy on the back cover of a book, designed to make you want to read the book”, So that make sure you cover as much as simple and effective to ensure all your accomplishments are covered in the context of the resume.


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Video Tutorials for Creating One Page Resume with Examples: